Update page for Briars (aka Briarpatch Network Members).

For several years now, we have had a survey on this page that allowed old Briars and new people interested in the Briarpatch to give us their correct contact information and to answer a few demographic questions so we could suss how folks were doing, business wise.

In 2008 we opened up a community space for the Network on Ning.Com so you can join to meet each other and share information, resources and advice. By 2016 we've grown to nearly 100 names in that space.

Meanwhile, over on Facebook, in an effort to communicate with even more old Briars who I spotted hanging out there, I created a Briarpatch Network group page. It didn't take long for that group to approach 100 members as well.

When I compared the two lists, I found that there were only 3 people on both of them. I was surprised, but also pleased. That means we have close to 200 folks who spend time in social media networking in one place or the other.

Then I took a look at my Circles on Google+ and discovered another 50 people, also with little overlap. This led me to open a Briarpatch Group in Google+ too.

Obviously, we may reach sufficient numbers that it will be onoreous to manage all three groups. For now, however, it hasn't yet reached that level of challenge.

I think choices are a good idea, especially in the early stages of growth. While Briarpaatch has been around since 1974, we've really only been active online recently. So here are all three links for you to choose from.

Feel free to join all three if you like. I'll let you know if and when it becomes necessary to do anything about consolidation.

One last clarification. The Ning.Com space is still the best place for you to complete the survey and share your current contact information. If you prefer Google+ or Feedbook, I would like to request that you still register at Ning to make it easier for me to build some sort of directory I can share with everyone later. Thanks.

It still seems logical that the mutual support of a community of friends in business is needed more now than ever before. So register at Ning and then hangout in any or all of the spaces you prefer.

See you there.

Br'er Claude

You can also send me a message with any comments or corrections you'd like added to any page in this site. Just visit the form at FutureU, my primary business website.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Claude Whitmyer, Briarpatch Coordinator, 1982 to present

P.S. Feel free to tell other Briars about this update page.

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