Get to Know Your Guiding Star

The Essentials of Human Life

“There are worlds without money.”

“When you are asleep and dreaming, that’s a world without money. There may be other places in the universe, there may be other concepts and other states of life in which there’s no money, but the last Law makes it really hard to forget that everything we do when we’re awake is related to money. You can take it away, such as with people in prisoner of war camps; but cigarettes become money. It’s there as long as there are people to interact and they are awake.

“There are the worlds of art, poetry, music, dance, sex, etc. the essentials of human life. The seventh law is like a star that is your guide. You know that you cannot live on the star; it is not physically a part of your life, but rather an aid to orientation. You are not going to reach this star, but in some sense neither are you going to reach your destination without it to guide you.”

The Seven Laws of Money
by Michael Phillips and Sally Rasberry.