A Superior Strategy for Starting and Managing Your Own Business

"In an era of giant corporations and government, creating a small business remains a way for an innovative person to gain a sense of freedom and adventure. Honest Business is a practical and inspiring book for anyone with integrity who wants to enjoy work, and make fair profit while providing useful products and services. I highly recommend it."

Michael Maccoby
Michael Maccoby
Psychoanalyst and anthropologist; globally recognized as an expert on leadership for his research, writing and projects to improve organizations and work.

In Honest Business, Salli Rasberry and Michael Phillips report on proven and successful methods for starting and managing a small business.

Michael and Salli have worked with hundreds of businesses and have developed a program that turns almost certain failures for such enterprises into almost certain successes.

They show that:

  • Being honest is a superior strategy for business management.
  • Open management is successful management.
  • The community’s needs are the true source of business opportunities.
  • So service to the community is not a foolishly idealistic business goal, but a good way to do well.
  • Starting with less money than needed–rather than more–is good business practice.

They also show:

  • How to keep and study your books
  • How to focus y our energy
  • How to pay your bills
  • How to have fun at work

This book is an indispensable guide to a good, successful life in your own business.

Young Michael Phillips
Salli Rasberry
Cover Honest Business

Table of Contents

  1. What is Business?
  2. Tradeskill
  3. Love Business
  4. Focus Your Energy
  5. Service
  6. Small Capital
  7. A Complete Idea
  8. Go Slow
  9. Study the Books
  10. Open Books
  11. Community
  12. Paying Bills Promptly
  13. Managment
  14. Fun
  15. Sort Bits of Advice
  16. The Four Illusions of Money: And the Nonmoney Truths They Hide
  17. Four Honest Men Who Changed Business
  18. Appendices
    • History of Business
    • Honest Business in the Broader Context
    • Facts About This Book and the Authors

The 1981 version is the complete, original one. Look for the red cover. The “Shambhala Pocket Edition” is an abbreviated version.